The art of recovering from a setback

How to recover from a setback

It happens.

Sometimes things just don't go the way we hoped or intended.

Sometimes what was supposed to be a discussion turns into an argument.

Sometimes the feedback we get is negative rather than positive.

Sometimes what was supposed to be easy turns out to be anything but.

While the particulars may vary from situation to situation, inevitably we all face setbacks at one time or another.

As someone who's had plenty of practice in this area, I've developed a trick for snapping myself out of the downward spiral of negative self-talk and feelings of frustration that can often follow a setback.

I simply ask myself:

What story would I like to be able to tell about how I handled this situation?

Whether I ever actually end up telling the story, say in a future interview situation, or not is irrelevant.

The important thing is that the question refocuses me on the solution rather than the problem.

It encourages me to get proactive in deciding on and taking impactful next steps.

And it challenges me to become the person I aspire to be, even, especially when things are difficult.

The courageous one. The calm one. The leader.

Sometimes a setback is just an opportunity to step up.