A simple tip for persevering when progress feels slow

How to be patient - progress takes time

You’re ambitious. I get it. (I am, too.)

You love the feelings that come from growing, improving, achieving those milestones, being recognized for your efforts, earning those rewards.

You set big goals for yourself and you like to make progress towards them. Preferably swiftly and easily.

But in reality, progress can often be slow. It can even be painful at times.

And it’s in those times when we feel like we’re not seeing the progress we want, as quickly and easily as we want, that we are most at risk of giving up too early.

It’s in those moments, where you’re not reaping the rewards that you’d like, that it can be useful to have another metric for success.

My suggestion?

Try asking yourself: What ‘seeds’ did I plant today?

What relationships did you invest in? Who did you help? What new thing did you learn or try? Where did you stretch yourself?

Instead of measuring the outcome, reflect on and appreciate your input.

Instead of asking ‘what did I get?’, ask ‘what did I give?’

Allow yourself to feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from recognizing the effort you put in, even when progress seems slow, and use that to help you persevere.

You’ve got this.