What got you here won't get you there.

Getting to the next level isn't just going to require a step change in what you know.

It's going to require a step change in who you are being.


I'll let you in on a little secret:

That step change you're looking for - in how you feel, in how you perform, in your leadership - isn't going to happen by searching 'out there'.  At this point in your career, it's no longer about finding the right training or the right book or the right expert to tell you what to do.

The blueprint for your way forward isn’t to be found outside you, it’s inside you.

Our increasingly complex, interconnected and fast-changing world is placing new demands on leaders.  Demands that cannot be met by traditional, Horizontal Growth initiatives like training that simply add more knowledge, skills or tools to your toolkit. To meet these challenges requires Vertical Development, expanded capacity to capitalize on the knowledge, skills and tools you already have in order to:

  • Better navigate complexity
  • Develop greater behavioral flexibility
  • Cultivate deeper self-awareness and self-mastery
  • Trust in your own internal compass when making decisions
  • Improve your ability to handle conflict
  • Expand your ability to take a more more diverse range of perspectives
  • Feel more self-confident.
I would 110% recommend Aenslee to anyone looking to understand and develop themselves.
— Nicole, NZBLAX

I'm Aenslee Tanner and it's my passion to support leaders like you in achieving even greater levels of success and fulfilment. 

After over a decade working around the world and climbing the corporate ladder, first as an engineer then as a management consultant at firms such as EY and PwC, I switched my focus to helping other high-achievers to become more conscious leaders.

As a certified Leadership Coach specializing in Vertical Development, I work one-on-one with my clients to support them in cultivating the self-awareness, self-mastery and behaviors that will take their performance to the next level.

Leadership Coaching Auckland NZ
Leadership Coaching Auckland NZ
Aenslee’s approach has helped me realize and cement new behaviors and thought patterns to help me achieve the things I value in life.

I am truly grateful for the time I have spent with Aenslee and I feel better equipped, more confident, free-er and clearer than I ever have.
— Business owner

A few notes on ethics

I take your trust in me very seriously.

1. As such I do not participate in any affiliate programs and I never accept any third party compensation for referrals.  Any recommendations I make or resources I share are based purely on my belief in the value they have to offer.

2. As a professional coach committed to standards of excellence, I have chosen to pursue the distinction of earning an ICF Credential, engage in regular professional development including coaching supervision, and have sworn to adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics.  If you believe my conduct has in anyway breached the Code of Ethics, you can lodge a complaint here.

ICF Certified Leadership Coach

3. Due to the intimately personal nature of professional coaching, I take great care to be discreet and maintain client confidentiality.  I do not disclose who my individual clients are or the contents of our sessions without their explicit consent. You can trust that I have been granted permission to display the selected testimonials and client case studies that appear on this site.

I would recommend Aenslee to anyone as she has changed the way I see the world and feel about myself. Thank you so much for everything.
— Jo, Noel Leeming Group

Some personal insights about me:


Myers-Briggs Type: INFJ


Favorite Low Impact Workout: Spin Class at Westward Cycle

Petra Veikkola - interior (2 of 1) smaller.jpg

A few things I find delightful: Peonies, Valrhona Manjari, Browsing in Bookshops


First Career: Polymer Engineer in Germany


Top 5 StrengthsFinder Strengths:  1. Individualization  2. 

Relator  3. 

Deliberative  4. 

Achiever 5. 



If I wasn't so devoted to supporting individuals to become high-performing leaders, I'd be: An animal psychology researcher


Aenslee is phenomenal.
— Jake, Ph.D Candidate

Official Bio

Aenslee Tanner (ACC) is a certified leadership coach passionate about supporting individuals to unleash their potential and become more conscious, high-performing leaders.

Her own career has spanned numerous countries across three continents - from engineering to public policy to management consulting at firms including EY and PwC - before launching her own coaching business in 2014.

A former engineer and Division-I athlete, her research-based coaching methodology draws on adult stage (vertical) development and complexity theory, neuroscience, positive psychology and high-performance sport.

Aenslee has been featured in several media publications including Next magazine and Huffington Post and her clients include World Cup athletes, start-up and corporate executives, as well as ambitious leaders all around the globe.

Certified Coach - Aenslee Tanner, Auckland, New Zealand
Leadership Coaching NZ