Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:


  • Other people say nice things about you but you don’t allow yourself to believe any of it.
  • You often feel like an imposter, like your successes are just flukes.
  • At meetings, you sometimes find yourself looking around the room thinking, “They’re the real experts - who am I to be here?”
  • You frequently feel like you’re not good enough, like you continuously need to prove yourself.
  • You hold yourself back from going for your biggest dreams because, well, you still don't feel ready yet.
  • At night you routinely struggle to fall asleep because negative thoughts keep rattling around in your mind, beating yourself up for any mistakes you think you made that day.
If you feel like I'm reading your mind, let me assure you - you are not alone in this experience.

And there is absolutely something you can do about it.
Confidence & Courage
After years of personal experimentation and development plus supporting hundreds of clients through similar challenges, I've discovered that a more positive and empowered mindset can be cultivated through specific practices.


Confidence & Courage

I've designed Confidence & Courage not as a content-heavy course filled with endless theoretical concepts for you to ponder (because you're ready to experience results - now) but as an efficient, guided change-initiative composed of simple, scientifically-proven practices that will support you in creating new, more empowering mental habits from the moment you start implementing them.  

Together we will rewire your brain so that you can feel more confident, positive, courageous and get to the top of your game.
Being part of Confidence & Courage was a great experience.  I’ve been provided with great tools that I can keep working on and it helped having weekly catch-ups and hearing from other participants as well. 

As a result, I’m now:
- Handling situations that I’ve normally felt uncomfortable in.
- Taking the time to think about myself and my behaviors, removing traits of self-doubt.
- Just feeling more comfortable in my own skin.
— Megan, Professional Services Manager, NLG

What is Confidence & Courage?

Confidence & Courage is a 6-week change-initiative that guides you step-by-step in implementing the simple, foundational practices that will begin shifting your mindset so you can become a more confident, positive, and courageous version of you.

After completing Confidence & Courage you may experience:

  • feeling more confident, courageous and liberated

  • taking action toward clear, meaningful goals

  • believing in and backing yourself

  • becoming more resilient to criticism

  • falling asleep more easily and peacefully at night

  • more ease in speaking up in a way that’s respectful for you and the other person

  • the desire to put yourself forward for more opportunities (eg applying for that management or board role you’ve had your eye on, starting that company you’ve been dreaming about, putting your hand up to present at that big meeting...)

I'm here to support you in becoming the best version of you


I'm Aenslee Tanner, the creator of the Confidence & Courage program.

In my work as a certified leadership coach, one of the most common challenges my clients tell me they struggle with is overcoming the self-doubt they feel is holding them back from fulfilling their potential and pursuing their biggest goals.

There’s a part of you that knows you’re capable of more.

That there’s untapped potential deep inside you.

And you’re longing to unleash it.


And I can totally relate because as an ambitious person with high standards (like you!) I, too, have been in that place.  That place where I served as my own harshest critic.  Where I was always the first to point out all the ways I fell short or would most certainly fail if I went after what I truly wanted.

I can recall spending days, even weeks, replaying my 'mistakes' over and over in my mind, beating myself up for - as I saw it - falling short. It got so bad I began to feel imprisoned, like my ongoing cycle of self-punishment was out of control.

So I finally committed to finding a better way.

I searched far and wide, investing in training, coaching, and learning whatever I could to free myself from the incessant self-judgement, fear, and imposter complex I was experiencing so that I could discover that illusive state of calm, peaceful confidence.

A place where I could find the courage to go for my goals and be encouraged by the little voice in my head telling me, "You've got this."

Where I could trust that even if things didn't go exactly as I had planned, I could experience a deep sense of certainty knowing, "I'm going to be ok."

“Aenslee is an ideal coach as not only has she herself experience in living to her fullest potential, but she has also experienced her own struggles with that potential. I think it takes one to know one, and having someone who could empathize with my struggles is something that aided me in my understanding of how I work.”
— Janine, Senior Digital Strategist, FCB New Zealand

Confidence & Courage is designed to:

- Deepen your self-awareness
- Embed positive patterns of thinking and feeling
- Rewire your brain so you're empowered to take bolder action.

All so you can step out of your comfort zone, speak up, be more assertive, and start taking action toward your biggest goals.

What's included in Confidence & Courage?

  • 6 x 1-hour weekly, live video sessions explaining the specific practices for you to implement

These interactive sessions will be delivered virtually via Zoom so that you can join from anywhere in the world, no travel required. You are encouraged to attend live in order to ask questions, participate in the debriefs, etc but they will be recorded in case you are ever unable to make it.

  • Access to a supportive group of like-minded professionals

You gain instant access to a safe space to share, ask questions and learn as you experiment alongside others who are as ambitious and growth-oriented as you are.

  • Worksheets and resources to support you along the way

Want to dive deeper into the research behind the practices?  Or take advantage of structural support to track your progress?  You'll be provided with plenty of tools to help you get the most out of this program.

The Investment for Confidence & Courage


The Investment

$500 NZD

6 x weekly instructional and Q&A sessions

Access to a supportive community

Worksheets and resources

I'm so ready for this!



When will the Weekly Calls be?

Calls will be on the weekends so you don't have to worry about taking time away from work.

Here's the schedule for the weekly, live video sessions (converted into both NZDT and EST timezones for your convenience):

Week 1:

10-11am Sunday, 11 February NZDT (Auckland Time)
4-5pm Saturday, 10 February EST (New York Time)

Week 2:

10-11am Sunday, 18 February NZDT (Auckland Time)
4-5pm Saturday, 17 February EST (New York Time)

Week 3:

10-11am Sunday, 25 February NZDT (Auckland Time)
4-5pm Saturday, 24 February EST (New York Time)

Week 4:

10-11am Sunday, 4 March NZDT (Auckland Time)
4-5pm Saturday, 3 March EST (New York Time)

Week 5:

10-11am Sunday, 11 March NZDT (Auckland Time)
4-5pm Saturday, 10 March EST (New York Time)

Week 6:

10-11am Sunday, 18 March NZDT (Auckland Time)
5-6pm Saturday, 17 March EDT (New York Time)


What kind of results do participants in the Confidence & Courage program get?

While results cannot be not guaranteed as they will vary from person to person depending on individual circumstances, commitment, openness to experimentation and so on, completion surveys show:

  • 100% of participants surveyed reported feeling increased confidence by the end of the program
  • 100% of participants surveyed reported that Confidence & Courage helped them achieve the goals they had set at the start of the program.

How do I know if Confidence & Courage is right for me?

I recommend listening to your gut as your intuition is very wise.  

But if your head needs some rational guidance and reassurance, then finding yourself nodding along with the following is a pretty good indication that you are a great candidate for Confidence & Courage.

  • You're hungry to feel more confident.
  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work. In fact, you’re totally excited to put in the time, knowing that every action you take brings you one step closer to building greater confidence.
  • You’re willing to adjust your schedule and commit to incorporating the practices into your daily routine for the entire 6 weeks of the program, knowing that building new habits takes time but will be oh so worth it.
  • You're prepared to bring a mindset of curiosity and openness to the process and are up for experimenting to discover what will work for you.
  • You welcome the idea of engaging with and offering support to a driven community of like-minded professionals.
“Aenslee has been an absolutely amazing coach, she is very objective and holistic in her approach and I felt comfortable being transparent about my thoughts. We come from very different cultural backgrounds but I felt Aenslee understood my opinions and reasons behind my thinking, which enabled me to share my thoughts honestly to ensure I get the most out of our coaching sessions.”
— Gigi, HR Advisor, PwC
“Aenslee is phenomenal. Her ability to relate to and shepherd a conversational partner through any kind of discussion, while maintaining and executing elite coaching strategies in her approach, are second to none. With an energetic personality and a focused, deliberate manner towards any task, Aenslee is extremely valuable to whomever she works with. Highly recommended.”
— Jake, Ph.D Candidate, Auckland University of Technology

Who is Aenslee Tanner?

Aenslee Tanner (ACC) is an International Coach Federation credentialed and Neuroleadership Institute certified coach who has supported hundreds of ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs, and international-level athletes in unleashing their potential and achieving their biggest goals.  

Prior to starting her own coaching and leadership development business, Aenslee worked as a polymer engineer in Germany and later as a management consultant at PwC and Ernst & Young in New Zealand.

She is an INFJ who regularly taps into her own confidence and courage to go after her own ambitious goals.  Aenslee presents at leadership conferences around the world and is a regular contributor to Huffington Post. 

Aenslee Tanner
“I have had the pleasure of being coached by Aenslee. Her approachable style and powerful questioning techniques alongside her ability to actively listen are second to none. I highly recommend Aenslee, her coaching style is superb.”
— Nikki, OD Manager, PwC
“Coaching with Aenslee has helped me to structure ideas, thoughts, wishes, goals into realistic tasks. Through asking all the right questions, she has helped me realize what is really important for me right now.”
— Sabrina, Project Manager, doubleSlash
“Aenslee was recommended to me by a colleague as an amazing coach. Right from the start, Aenslee made me feel instantly at ease through her friendly and calming nature. I really feel that I achieved a great deal from Aenslee’s coaching and couldn’t be more grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by her!”
— Kylie, HR Advisor, PwC