There’s a part of you that knows you’re capable of more.  

That there’s untapped potential deep inside you.  

And you’re longing to unleash it.

But, if you’re honest, your own self-doubt is what’s holding you back.

What if implementing a few simple practices into your daily routine could create a significant shift in how confident you feel and how courageously you act?

Aenslee Tanner, a certified professional coach, is looking for 10 ambitious women to take part in the pilot of her new online program: Confidence & Courage, where she will share the simple practices that have created the biggest shifts for her and her private coaching clients in a condensed, implementation-focused format.

Confidence & Courage is designed to:

- Deepen your self-awareness
- Embed positive patterns of thinking and feeling
- Rewire your brain so you're empowered to take bolder action.

All so you can step out of your comfort zone, speak up, be more assertive, and start taking action toward your biggest goals.

As an ideal candidate, you will:

  • Hunger to feel more confident
  • Be open to new ways of thinking and to trying new approaches
  • Be committed to implementing the simple practices shared in the program on a daily basis
  • Respect, support and encourage the other participants in the program
  • Commit to participating in the entire program, including providing feedback on your experiences throughout as well as at the end.

There is no cost to participate in this initial round of the program as it is a pilot and Aenslee is looking to test her hypothesis of what combination of practices make the biggest impact when it comes to shifting confidence levels.  

Your feedback on what you notice works (and what doesn’t) as you work through the program is of critical importance as it will inform the design of the final program.

The pilot of Confidence & Courage will run from 24 October to 4 December 2016.  

The program will be delivered via short weekly video calls and emails.  Recordings of the videos will be made available if you are not able to watch live due to your time zone or schedule.  You are, however, encouraged to attend the live broadcasts whenever possible to enable you to get any questions you may have about the practice for that week answered.

If you’re interested in being considered as a candidate for the pilot of Confidence & Courage, please contact Aenslee by 18 October using the form below. Please include why you’re interested in the program and what you hope to accomplish with it in your email.  Invitations to the program will be confirmed by 20 October.

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