(Published with permission and anonymized to protect client confidentiality)

From Feeling Lost to Finding Direction


How did you feel before working with Aenslee?

"I was very curious and quite frankly more than a little lost. I was very much not confident or even comfortable with what I had achieved in my working life to date."


Why did you feel that way?

"I had come to a point in my life where I really was confused about what it was that I was supposed to do, wanted to do, where I wanted be and how I wanted to go about making a career. I couldn't stand up for myself and as a result ended up being on the receiving end of quite a lot of workplace bullying and dissatisfaction with my work no matter how hard I worked."


How did the coaching help you change your career/life?

"Aenslee helped me to bring the focus back to me and to really take a good hard look at myself. Instead of making excuses I could rather explore through a number of awesome techniques what it was that was really bothering me. I remember the tools were just such a great way to explore as opposed to having a single blank sheet of paper - I still have all of my notes from the sessions. Since then I have really found my passion and am now in a role that I think will drive me for many years to come. It's important to note that my steps with Aenslee were only the beginning and I had to struggle for a few more years on a path less trodden, but the coaching gave me my voice and strength."


What are some big wins that you produced during and after the coaching?

"My big wins were to find the silver linings; perform random acts of kindness and doing things for myself - whether in career or at home, you really do need to appreciate and love yourself. I also garnered the strength to leave the advertising/marketing industry; completed a postgraduate certification and ultimately start my new career. Helping others and a sense of selflessness really does drive a better more true value of happiness for me and Aenslee taught me that."


How do you feel now?

"I feel great! I am also really proud of persevering through some mighty big challenges since. I am amazed that I can tell this story and give others similar advice - silver linings, kindness and love for yourself.  I feel fearless and genuine to my purpose."


Please describe your life after coaching.

"Life is busy, challenging but also more fruitful and purposeful."


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