(Published with permission and anonymized to protect client confidentiality)

Overcoming Burnout and Anxiety


How did you feel before working with Aenslee?

"I was totally burned out, depressed, energy-less, and at a standstill with my career."


Why did you feel that way?

"I'd had a very hard couple of years with poor health, having to move country, and having a large lawsuit against one of my former colleagues. My struggle was compounded with depression and anxiety during this time, which only further isolated me and stopped me from being effective at work."


How did the coaching help you change your career/life?

"Aenslee helped provide the space I sorely needed, and brought a wealth of valuable insight which allowed me to make some executive decisions about the building blocks of my life and the way I was approaching it."


What are some big wins that you produced during and after the coaching?

"I recovered a lot of my personal energy and strength, I grew in confidence and assertiveness, I eventually became far more dynamic and energetic and excited about the future. During the last few weeks of working together I experienced a kind of perspicacity that I hadn't had for years and was able to envision a new and exciting future for myself, which I am currently working towards."


How do you feel now?

"I feel dynamic, relaxed, energetic, and happy...I'm far less anxious."


What difference have friends, colleagues or family said they've noticed in you?

"I'm far happier, I'm far more effective, and I'm often leading the charge."


Please describe your life after coaching.

"I'm learning and growing all the time. I'm setting goals and reaching them. I'm imposing boundaries where there need to be boundaries in order to protect my own energy and effectiveness. I have cultivated a wonderful working environment and have been embarking on new and exciting projects and am ticking them off week by week."


There's so much potential hidden inside you.

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