(Published with permission and anonymized to protect client confidentiality)

Becoming a better version of myself


How did you feel before working with Aenslee?

"I wasn't sure what to expect, but somehow I knew it would be great for my development.  I went in with a open mind, and was prepared to hear things that I may not like, but wanted to develop and be a better version of myself."


Why did you feel that way?

"This was my first coaching experience ever, so I thought it would be wise to come with a open mind, so I could absorb everything, process it, practice it, and grow from it."


How did the coaching help you change your career/life?

"Coaching has been really helpful.  Things that I didn't really pay much attention to, I had no idea how much effect they would have on others.  Not just others, but myself as well.  Being the sort of person I am, I always want to be better, no matter how ugly the truth can be, I understand it is all for my personal development."


What are some big wins that you produced during and after the coaching?

"Achieving one of my goals, which in fact I thought might not happen.  My goal that I achieved, was to move into a different role and challenge myself.  I was able to do that with the tools that were given to me and I've become more confident, which has been awesome.  It has taken away that self-doubt that I had."


How do you feel now?

"I feel awesome.  I feel like I have learned so much during these coaching sessions and I am truly grateful for that."


Please describe your life after coaching.

"It has given me a different perspective of life.  I have faced the truth and have accepted it.  I have been given all the tools and so there are no more excuses for me.  Words are powerful, so I will always challenge myself to use the right words.  I have Aenslee's voice in my head when I am faced with tough situations, which is awesome, a constant reminder of what I know needs to be done or said.  So thank you Aenslee, I appreciate all our sessions and am truly grateful!"


There's so much potential hidden inside you.

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