Growing professionally

A coachee's experience in their own words

(Published with permission.)

"Before enrolling in coaching, I was frustrated with my job, feeling stuck and unfulfilled in my career and shouldering a lot of financial stress.  For over a year I'd wanted to change careers into an interesting field with more growth potential but was struggling to get employers to take a chance on me.  I was also concerned about the pay cut I thought I'd have to take to make a start in a role I didn't have direct experience in.

I knew coaching was what I needed but I had concerns because it was a lot of money and a one-year program seemed like a huge commitment.  (And if I'm honest, I was also doubting my ability to actually be able to turn my situation around and achieve the goals I'd set for myself.)

I can hardly believe it but within two months of starting the coaching, I've already surpassed my expectations. I've started a role in an exciting, high-growth field, and negotiated a significant increase in total compensation, with benefits for me and my family.  And the biggest surprise of all was how easy it all felt!

Coaching with Aenslee was by far the biggest financial investment I've ever made in myself and it's been worth every cent. I know that as I continue to grow professionally, I have a trusted adviser that I will use again to help me find clarity and make the right decisions for me."

- Hilary 

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