Is your communication making the impact that you want?

How you communicate sends a powerful message, which can influence how you are perceived as well as the performance of those around you.  Make sure you are using your words to best effect by tapping into the following phenomena:

Spontaneous Trait Transference
Researchers have discovered that communicators are perceived to take on the qualities that they describe in others - a phenomenon called Spontaneous Trait Transference [1].  

So check in with yourself.  If you are spreading negativity by complaining about so-and-so, watch-out - your audience may subconsciously come to see you as possessing those negative traits you say you observed in someone else.  

Instead, seize opportunities to praise others genuinely and share your positive observations each day - you will give others a boost and be viewed in a better light, too.

The Pygmalion Effect
The Pygmalion Effect [2] describes the powerful influence of one person's expectations on another's behavior.  If you set high expectations, people will subconsciously strive to meet them.  If you set low expectations, well, people will subconsciously strive to meet those, too.  

Again, check in with yourself.  Are you setting a high enough bar?  One way that you can share your expectations, and help to reinforce them, is to genuinely praise others or express your gratitude.  It could be something as simple as, "Jane, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy working with you.  I really appreciate your reliability and responsiveness."  You can almost guarantee that Jane will continue to excel at being reliable and responsive after that!