How to Negotiate Your Salary (A Simple Negotiation Script to Get You Started)

Do you negotiate your salary before accepting a job offer?  

I hope so.  

If not, you may be leaving lots of money on the table.  Money that could have been a nice boost to your retirement fund or savings account, helped you pay off your mortgage or student loans more quickly, or made it an easy "yes" to go on that personal development course or retreat you've had your eye on.

If you haven't been negotiating, what's stopped you?

  1. Not being aware that it's common practice - even expected - to negotiate a job offer before signing the contract?
  2. Being worried about coming across as pushy or ungrateful?
  3. Not knowing what to say to start the negotiation process?

If it's the first point above, please know that, while there may be some variation in customs depending on the country you're located in and the particular type of contract you're being presented with, by and large for salaried roles in capitalist economies, negotiating job contracts and the salary numbers contained within them is accepted - even expected - practice.

If you're already aware of the importance of negotiating your salary in order to maximize your earning power over the course of your career, and it's rather point two or three above that is the challenge for you, I hope you'll find this video helpful.

In it, I provide an example script that even an absolute beginner to negotiation can use to gratefully and gracefully kick-start the salary negotiation process.  

(Note: The approach I share is deliberately a very gentle starting point as my main goal with this video is to help former non-negotiators simply get into the practice of asking for a higher salary whenever they receive a job offer.  To get the best results, more advanced negotiation techniques can be helpful - I recommend checking out the additional resources below for more tips.)

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